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Flagstaff Railway Station History


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Flagstaff railway station


The depot at Flagstaff continues to be a critical element of the location since 1926, the time it was constructed by the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company. This Tudor Revival brick constructing with some cross-gabled roof top was created by one of the railroad’s engineering work. It is an acronym, which has historically happened to be among the busiest railroad corridors for both including freight and passenger rail across the country. The department additionally serves as the city’s Visitors Center.

The station benefits from modest cosmetic repairs and maintenance over the years, the latest job includes a washroom section, routine maintenance and revamps to wrought iron fencing and gates and much better doorways.

Flagstaff’s recorded history is interlinked with railroad project in the western United States. Established itself in 1876, the region has developed exponentially from its origin due to the east-west growth of the railroad, which created Flagstaff a favored transit and transport venue. The community persisted to develop together with active railroads that ran throughout} its boarders and was incorporated as a town in 1928. These days, Flagstaff is seen as the state center for Arizona’s Coconino State.

Flagstaff is the habitat of Lowell Observatory wherein, in 1930, where the planet Pluto was very first discovered. Additionally, Flagstaff features as a holiday getaway facility because of the fact of its suitable location to the Grand Canyon National Park, Oak Creek Canyon and historic Route 66. The town happens to be home to the Northern Arizona University.

The area features a waiting room which is staffed by Amtrak employees.

Flagstaff is served by two daily trains.


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